THE WRIGHT is a celebrated industry summit and award program recognizing those leading at the intersection of lifestyle and commerce.


The Wright brings together a cross-section of leaders. More than an industry showcase, The Wright highlights a mindset. These companies and their founders, while staunchly self-reliant, represent a broader way of thinking. Their approach to leadership is bold, principled and collaborative.


The Wright is unique in that contenders come to our attention via peer networks. You know these companies. They’re here in the Rocky Mountain region. They’ve earned your respect and now it's time to nominate them for The Wright. It’s simple. Send us an email to Tell us the name of the company(s) you are putting forward along with a few reasons why they are so rad. We’ll take it from there.



Each year’s class of contenders is made up of a diverse collection of companies. Some big. Some small. Some new. Some established. All leading at the intersection of lifestyle and commerce. The Wright highlights their good work. Here’s a look back at last year's official contenders. So often outdoor-inspired businesses are hatched from ideas shared around the campfire, on the river or over a whiskey. These companies are set apart by their grit and determination.
If selected as one of the twelve (give or take) contenders for the 2017 class they will be asked to create a 90-second video conveying their story - who they are, what drives them and how they are delivering on their core. The videos below represent a cross-section of past contender entries.

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